Tuesday, November 20, 2007

you're invited

I'm throwing a Pity Party and, well, actually you've already been roped in so let's commence with the commiseration. Your responses don't necessarily need to be genuine—though I don't see how could you not agree that I suffer. Regardless, I wouldn't know. I'm really not aware of any unhappiness or discomfort you're feeling right now because I'm completely wrapped up in poor me, me, me. Let me tell you about how this person undermines me. And then there's that other person who totally annoys me by toot toot tooting that horn while playing the martyr. Then these other people are so obnoxious because I couldn't get a response from them to save my life. Sure, they're busy and don't have time. Even that much information would be helpful. I mean, it's not like I'm some irrational ogre! If there's a news flash about the department I'm supposed to be managing, I'm not the first or second or even third to know. Everyone else is told and eventually I find out...if I ask. Contact me directly? Whoever heard of such an idea? Got an issue? Someone else is told to to tell me so any effective problem solving can be completely evaded and we can all sit and fume about a situation that's been dreamed up. I work sooo hard to do well on something that's been asked of me and then BOOM! get the cease and desist because I'm creating work for others or they can't deal with that now or they just don't care any more. No one cares about what we're doing or what we need or whatever little drama we're living. Overworked? Join the club! And then come the bright and innovative and synergistic ideas. No matter that they have no clue how it translates to day to day reality, this is the new project with much cachet so I must hop to it!

Squashed! Disrespected! Disregarded! Marginalized! Wah! Wah! Waaaaah!

What's that you say? Couldn't hear a word of that? Just a prolonged, high-pitched cry?
Not enjoying yourself? Neither am I. The bitter hors d'Ĺ“uvres are giving you indigestion? Y'know...I'm feeling a little nauseous, too.

Has any good come of this? No.
Have I made any progress? Nope.
Solved any problems? Nuh-uh.

Ok. Party's over. Time to get up off the floor where I've been flailing. Time to rein it in and hop down from the high horse I've been riding. Time to put my energy into something that results in something more than a pity party hangover.

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VelVerb said...

Ah yes, the good old pity party. And the hangover.

I find it helpful to do a little planning first. Set the time, gather the supplies, invite me myself and I, choose the right music to set the mood, and then party hard. But there are two more important things in the planning process. Having a volunteer clean-up crew to help you get things back in order, and setting a definitive end time. Those laggers are just a pain in the arse.

I would say invite me to your next fun pity party, but I'm already throwing my own.