Saturday, November 3, 2007

go ahead. dance a jig.

You won't be surprised at my praise for most anything Paul Simon. Most assuredly you won't be surprised that I love the instrumental "Hobo's Blues," a small but potent dose of bliss. I cannot sit still when it's playing. I found this version to share, and while it does fall short of greatness (she knows it too, note the closing interjection), it's a valiant effort, and it'll still make you boogie. Don't hold back—no one's looking.

I took a closer look at the credits for "Hobo's Blues," from the first solo album* released in the U.S., and spotted the name St├ęphane Grappelli (see him smile when he plays). Those of you in the know will be saddened to know—I am saddened to know—that I had not heard of this man before. Believe me, I'm hot on the trail of correcting this mammoth oversight.

[*Thank you to Liz. I first heard this album when you purchased it for your parents.]


Leila said...

you know what the problem is? she needs to be on the other side of the guitarist. he is loose and full of joy, but her whole body screams Ouch. She needs to be on his left side so they can look at each other and let their music build. Tell them!

erin said...

spot on--wish i knew who they were!