Tuesday, May 20, 2008

i wish i may

Listened to The Great Failure read by the author, Natalie Goldberg. I've been revisiting her a lot these days to very little avail in the way of writing—the glitch is mine, all mine. And so, instead of writing something of my own, I'll share one of the things in the book that has reverberated with me. Goldberg explains how she would want to be remembered:
…I wouldn’t want people to say of me only “She was a great teacher” or “I loved her writing.” I would like at least one person to come closer, to add, “She was also lonely, she suffered a lot. She was mixed up. She made some big mistakes.” Then tell those mistakes and sum up: “But she was important to me.” Then I would feel really honored, as though someone had seen and known me.
Who knows you? Do they give credit for failure? Who do you know?