Sunday, July 13, 2008

going with the phloem

I am mesmerized by leafed trees in the wind.

We had the most perfect tree gazing weather today. I was lured outside by the breeze sweeping through the house. Decided I should make use of my new picnic table and read my first issue of The Sun (thanks to Leila for the good word). It wasn't long before I was distracted by the show, lying on the bench, magazine on my belly, staring upward, entranced.

Movement and fluidity—like yoga for trees after a long, cold, branch rattling winter. Here warrior. There triangle. Then child's pose. Inhale. Exhale. The wind relents, and a smooth return to mountain.

I wonder if this is more than passive movement. By catching wind and stretching limbs, does tree yoga facilitate circulation? I know about transpiration pulling water and nutrients up. Would motion help move the leaves' products down and about—similar to the lymphatic system or circulation in insects? There are other forces at play, I know, but you'd think it would contribute.

I probably knew the answer to that question at some point in my life.


Emma said...

hey, glad you got your hands on The Sun! how do you like it?
trees, clouds, big sky, stars... the majesty of summer. hope you're enjoying yours.

Leila said...

huh, emma? that was supposed to be MOI!
someone's been fooling around in my porridge and I think I know who it is...

erin said...

I am enjoying my summer, thank you, along with all of the suns that have come with it. :)

and welcome, emma...? I'm confused.

Leila said...

Emma is Little Kid who regularly colonizes my laptop checking her gmail to see what other 9 year olds have written her today. Who knew 9 year olds are arranging their get togethers by gmail. Not moi.