Saturday, July 19, 2008

the egg shell exception

You're probably familiar with the reality that food scraps—onion peels, zucchini butts, unwanted meat bits—can make one's garbage smelly, and that summer temperatures quicken the stinkification.

It has been an exploratory process at my house to find the best way to avoid the funk. The man of the house, I'll call him "stud" (inspired by cool ranch luke's comment), has led the charge. He is, after all, a slightly better house keeper than I. Of course, I would never admit that to him. Instead, I argue the opposite because he regularly points out his superior domestic skills relative to mine. And because, after all, what is life without banter on the minutia?

And so sets the stage for the following conversation in my abode:

stud [yelling from downstairs]: Hey! How come you put egg shells in the garbage can?

erin [long, loud, exasperated groan]: Are you kidding me?

stud: We're trying to prevent the garbage from stinking so you're supposed to put food in that separate bag in the can.

erin: Egg shells don't get stinky, and I don't recall a decree on the Separate Bag.

stud: Yes, they could, and you're the one who put the Bag in there in the first place.

erin: I guess that makes me the Keeper of the Separate Bag, and therefore...

stud: Well you're not doing a very good job.

erin: I make the rules. Egg shells are an exception.


Leila said...

no composting in missouri... montana... massachussets... milwauki... minnesota... minneapolis...maine...?

i know it's one of those places that go mmmmmmm...

so, no composting down there?

erin said...

Uhhhh... looks like I've been called out.
I checked, and this mmmmmm state does allow composting. Time to look into it! Thanks :)