Sunday, April 20, 2008


[I require prompts as of late. Write about sleep, she says. Ok, I say.]

sleep with bear
velvety nose, eyes glued askew
and matted hair
devotion true enough to surrender,
in its stead, the new markers
to the thief in dreams

sleep with mother
nesting, rubbing cold feet
tangling prickly legs
mid-night retelling of
of the dream cloud that
enveloped and with a shudder
carried troubles away

sleep with child
kicking pinwheel
claims real estate
evicts father
secret delight in having
the space and her alone
not to share

sleep with friend
years later when the life
between plants a woeful moan
and perception constrains consolation
armed only with wish to wash it away

sleep with love
and despite fairy tale advice
with mutual and stubborn ire
every turn and tug a slight
interpreted and intended
rogue caress escapes
only when consciousness slips

sleep with love
comfort so visceral
appendages are cursed
for getting in the way

sleep with trouble
crowning as knotted anguish
daunting mass of nothing discernible
pressing weight, wrenching grip
arresting breath
dissipated only by

sleep with love
gentle cloudy-headed nudge
wake up
it’s alright
only a dream

1 comment:

Leila said...

...appendages are cursed
for getting in the way...

That's a rare love. Great poem.