Wednesday, April 9, 2008

me, three weeks ago today

Important items to note:
  1. There, in the upper right hand corner: Green. Grass.
  2. SUNglasses.
  3. In those sunglasses: Blue sky. Palm trees.
Mooned my honey, and honeyed my moon in Hawaii.

Now I'm back, but a slacker. Looking for my misplaced motivation. Where the hell did I put it?

And I very well know that I'm in no position to make demands of you, my readers, but y'know, I would like to know where you're from.

In the meantime (it is unkind), I'll keep looking. If you have any ideas, any motivation mojo, don't hold back.

And what's with all this alliteration? I need help.


Leila said...

shut UP!
well well well so that's where you've been young lady.
Congratulations to you and the man in the moon!!

Cool Ranch Luke said...

Finally, an actual PICTURE! Too bad I had to wait until after you were married. Oh well. Congratulations! Less blogging, more BABIES!

erin said...

what? my muy mysterioso pic ain't good enough? there are other pictures, you just have to dig.

thanks for the congrats. we actually got hitched back in September. just about everything I do is belated, so don't hold your breath on the kiddos.

Cool Ranch Luke said...

Hey. That pic needs a lip stud. And I'm not talking about your husband. Srsly, there's like a little dimple there or something. A little nest, perfect for a silver stud. Think about it, while you're hip enough to get away with it.

erin said...

I don't know about the dimple. Nor do I know about being hip. Perhaps hipster doofus would be more fitting.

I'll take your suggestion into consideration. Maybe it'll happen right around the time the babies do.