Wednesday, December 12, 2007

one last birthday post

This actually has less to do with my birthday and more with my parents.

I received my birthday package from my mom in the mail today. Couldn't help but be amused by the contrast between hers and my dad's package that I received (before my birthday, I believe).

From Pa:
- Four sheets of recipes that I'd asked for, compiled from memory. Each page with a colorful border, peppered with Slovak words, pronunciations, and translations. Without a doubt carefully thought out and worded.
The recipes:
  • Sour Mushroom Soup - a tradition at Christmas. One of my absolute favorites that Granny, my Slovakian great grandmother, used to make.
  • Caraway Soup - also one Granny made, but I don't remember it as well
  • Down-Home Chicken Dumpling Soup - sans the chicken's feet Granny used to throw in (no joke)
  • Egg Dumpling Batter and Potato Dumpling Batter (for Halushki)
- One 8 oz. (227 g) jar of Tone's Restaurant Black Pepper, touted as "the best brand on the market."
- One 1 lb (453 g) jar of Farmer Brother's Whole Caraway Seed
- One heartwarming birthday card professing faith in my abilities, and a short letter explaining the enclosures and several possible uses for the bounty of caraway.

From Ma:
- One bottle of Nutrapathic G.O.U.T. (Greater Overall Urinary Tract) dietary supplements. No explanation. Not requested. Just submitted for my intake. I don't have any problems with my urinary tract that I'm aware of.
- One winter hat—no doubt a stellar find from a local thrift store...unless ma has started shopping at J. Crew.
- One EARTH Theraputics Pedi-Care Kit, gooming essentials
- One heartwarming card wishing me happiness, restating the adage "when one door closes, another opens," and promising three (intentionally) forthcoming bags of organic popcorn.

Do you see why I love them so? Take half of him and half of her, mash them together—as disparate as they are—and you get little old me: fastidious and random.


Leila said...

That's really hilarious - and funnier the more I think about it. They must have been quite enthralled with each other at one point and intrigued by each other's take on the world. I love how you love them.

Liz P said...

What a quirky duo! I haven't been able to stop giggling over the urinary tract supplements.

erin said...

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when they first connected. If the beginning had the same intensity as the ending, it must have been something to see. Fortunately, they've become friends again.

They both love me very much, but because they are so different, it filters through differently. The challenge is being able to recognize that love comes through the way they are able to channel it, and to value both. You have to be willing to take it as it comes.