Thursday, October 4, 2007

why don't you stay?

Wow. One could read into why this struck a nerve. I chalk it up to raw emotion. You don't have to live something to feel something. Not having experienced such a tragedy in my life, I easily well up just listening to La Momma Morta.
12/8/07, ETA :
Blerg. This has been pulled from YouTube by the corporate empire. Here's a link and here's a link to sanctioned videos which I cannot embed. Yes, I do see the irony: "Ask the corporate music factory why."

She wrote this pre-Sugarland--or at least at its very beginning stages. It's on this live recording (2003) and this live recording (2004) . She'd heard Reba McEntire's "Whoever's in New England" about a woman waiting faithfully for an unfaithful man and thought, "Screw that." This is her fresh twist on a tired story.

For comic's one I could embed:

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