Sunday, October 14, 2007

chronic introspection, ca 1999

[Embarrassing, yes, but I do like pieces of it.]

another pint-sized ton
again burdened by another
conflict or confrontation
friend or foe
so brash and bold
I shy away
retract, fold
into my cave of contemplation
my home
my traveling companion
blocking, locking out light that
might project through the
scatter the image some
more perspective
under the scope
examined at every scale
dissected and multiplied
crazy thinking, thinking
maybe too much
p.s. had it right
wise? in sight
can drive a gal
in sane

what did i do was it me
no of course
not sure
it was as always
mountains and valleys, ravines to
mole hills and furrows, creases
and back
dispense with the
discourse within
could I do without?
god please stop and
someone else start
do me that favor
but beware
I'm told
of those red angles
paradoxes perching, lurking
lurching from dark corners
and bright expanses
seek comfort from the wise
they are as confused as I
view scattered image fragments
through compound eyes
what am I to be?
stay strong or
bend or both
the hub and the spoke

I give up
you go ahead
take a snap shot
try to sum it up
this picture's worth
more than a thousand
million single words
phrases, cliches, ambiguities
take a shot
if I can't do it
of course you can
of course you can
see so clearly
and me, sure
oh, me too
nice and neat
little package
me up of course
you can
Box me in
label sin
wash, rinse, repeat
again burdened by another
reflection on reflection
chronic introspection

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