Friday, June 15, 2007

half the battle

[work seepage]
I am very thorough. Sometimes excessively so. I also expect that when I communicate with someone they'll read/listen to what I have to say, and then respond. This hinges on the given that I'm dealing with others who have the same understanding of the situation, are as thorough as I, feel as strongly as I, and have the same priorities. Not always the case.
So, when that is not the case, I come off as really obnoxious, persistent, and stubborn. Sometimes that perception is true, sometimes not. In either scenario, I do myself no favors.

  1. Lighten the f#@k up
  2. Know that the given is not necessarily a given (what's the adage about "assume"?)
  3. Be clear, give people space and time to process...then SWARM! (only partially kidding);
    ...oh, yeah, and
  4. Admit mistakes.
I made a mistake today. Ok, the second party did, too, BUT there wouldn't have been an issue if I hadn't pestered someone unnecessarily with some detail I just had to bring to light.

Don't worry. I'll tell them. I can't not. Really...I'm thoroughly good at #4.

Ah, yes, the high stress, highly political world of librarians. You have no idea.
One more observation: email is not a good substitute for in-person or phone conversation. Sucks that too often it is my only possible option.

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