Tuesday, June 19, 2007

she likes to paint.

I'm not much for people watching. It can be interesting, but I always feel a little guilty about it. Given the choice between that and tree or cloud watching, I'd take the latter two. No contest. Something about their quality of being defined or delineated (can't quite put my finger on the right word...) and fluid all at once, shaped at the wind's whim, calms my soul.

Makes me think of Lao Tzu's words (don't ask which translation) sent to me by Dr. Juan:

By yielding...
By bending...
remain straight.
Softness overcomes hardness.
The formless is greater than form.

I stumbled on Caitlin Schwerin's web page a short while back and instantly felt like she captured that quality and conveyed the same sensation. Like she says, "If you think trees don't dance. Well, you're wrong."

I wrote and asked her if I could post a few of her pieces here and she agreed (Thanks, Caitlin!). It ended up being more than a few, but it was hard enough narrowing it to these. Take a tour of her work. She does much more than trees, clouds, and openness, and does it well.

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