Wednesday, May 16, 2007

if i'm lying, i'm dying

And I'm not doing either, though I had a bit of a scare on Monday—the worst brain ache ever. Apparently, I had an optical migraine followed by a real one. Regardless: painful.

So here's the funny part (I can say this now). The doctor comes in to see me after I've been sitting in pain for, oh, two hours. He asks the same questions I've answered for the last 3 people, including what I do for a living. When I tell him, he proceeds to ask me if I think he might be able to run some CD-ROM on a library computer. Says some yada yada about Macintosh this or that. I explain (as nicely as I can muster) that I don't think the library likes for people to run outside programs on their computers. He says, "But it's only a CD-ROM."

If I could have transfered every ounce of ouch from my brain to his, believe you me, I would've.


Liz P said...

Poor doc. It must be his insensitivity to patients that is contributing to this poverty that prevents him from getting his own computer to run his CD ROM. What a nut.

Sorry about your pain. I get migraines on occasion, such hell! I think it is the visual manipulations that make me personally feel the most powerless.

It makes me feel better to know that these were once interpreted as spiritual visions - did you know that you were a direct conduit to god, chosen to receive this gift? You probably did, being expert on so many more topics than me, but in case you didn't, take comfort, my friend!

Just kiddin'. I really hope you're feeling better and never have another one. But if you do, I hope your Doctor doesn't use your unfortunate presence in his office to insult your chosen profession...

erin said...

expert schmexpert. i just have an illness for digging up factoids.
thanks, though :)