Thursday, May 24, 2007

hot-blooded music in her throat

This is not one of those rants about a performer selling out because I like the music that Jennifer Nettles has created with Sugarland, and have great respect for Kristian Bush (and Kristen Hall). Jennifer radiates talent wherever. She is an intelligent woman making smart moves. I wouldn't expect her to be anything other than true to herself.

That said, though, I have to say that I really love her older stuff; the rawness and grit seem, to me, a better match for the gravel in her voice. And the lyrics...
How about this:
And I know I'm at the brow of my being
And I know it's hard to look down
And I'm probably as free as I ever will be
Still I choose to live like I'm gagging and bound
Or this:
Maybe I won't see my name in lights
Ask the corporate music factory why
The next whiplash pan flash, big bosomed wonder
I'll tell 'em all to "Fuck off" as I go under.
And, of course, this:
Well I was once bound and determined,
But now that's been replaced by fear in being bound
By your determination to keep me here.

I've been your friend, lover, sister
Can you tell me what else is left?
And I've euphemized shouts with whispers til it's worried me to death.
And this:
And these ties that bind my soul
no, they're not blessed to me at all.
I'm tired of lying in this position
but I can't recover from this fall.
You tell me if I stay or if I go
freedom's not an option that you give.
Well your infirmity is justifiable,
it's your sickness I can't forgive.

Her previous stuff is worth the gamble, if you're curious. I'd recommend buying one of the acoustic CDs to start. It's maybe not as polished as what's coming out now, but it's not really about the polish, now is it?


Leila said...

wow, i've been checking out her stuff thanks to you. very nice. like lucinda williams if she was younger and slightly happier.

erin said...

So glad to hear it. You may be happy to know that she can play guitar, though not of the jangly variety. And if you like the blues variety, I would highly recommend Susan Tedeschi. Just won't Burn is so so so good.