Friday, July 17, 2009

a return to boobies

This post has been in my drafts for about a year and a half, but I couldn't post it without the accompanying video—how could a mere description do it justice? I'd searched online and couldn't find it anywhere. Only the sketch outline is listed on the SNL website—there it's titled, "Rick Cornman." Just minutes ago I thought to check out I searched for "Alec Baldwin", scrolled through a few pages and voila!

I post it here and dedicate it to Cool Ranch Luke in honor of our introductory exchange (refereed by Leila) on types of men, booby shaking, and the dichotomy of id. Heady stuff.

Here it is:


Leila said...

That video only streams in the US.
What's it called? I'll look for it.

erin said...

drat! it's a saturday night live sketch called "bossa nova" on hulu, but the title on the snl page is "rick cornman". rick cornman is played by alec baldwin.

i hope you can find it! I found this, but don't know much about it or if it would be worth trying.

Cool Ranch Luke said...

Dammit! Can't see it here in Canadia. Gonna go look for it on YouTube. Thanks for thinking of me!

erin said...

It kills me that you can't see this! Hopefully Hulu comes around. I had no luck finding the clip before finding it there.