Wednesday, March 18, 2009

a good-size cabbage, 4 navel oranges, a large jicama...

According to an e-newsletter I've signed up for, this is the progression over the past three weeks of the weight of the little human. This week, the 33rd, he (yes, he) is comparable to a pineapple.
I've tried to avoid delving into personal stuff here (though I've failed when it comes to work grumbles...which continue to linger), and since not much else but such stuff is occupying my mind—what with all the bulging and growing going on in my mid-section—I can't seem to pull together anything of interest or substance to post.

But I'm still reading around from time to time and may pop in for a comment. I miss it here and I hope to be back, but I'm certain I'll have no idea what hit me in a month or so.

In the interim, I have an average canteloupe, a honeydew melon, a crenshaw melon, a stalk of swiss chard (based on loftiness apparently), a leek (length), a mini watermelon, and the grand finale of a small pumpkin to look forward to.


Leila said...

These are your salad days!

What the heck, turn this into a personal blog. Call it "archiving baby". One thing you will discover is how BAD some kids books are written. You will grow to love the British authors with their innate sense of melody. And you will hate. And I mean hate. LOATHE the Berenstein Bears.

well, that's a wee ramble isn't it.

Leila said...

any news?

aren't blogging pals a royal pain.

erin said...

Blogging pals are awesome.
My 9 lb 5 oz pumpkin arrived about 4 weeks ago... I'm sleep deprived but well. Enjoying my cocoon while it lasts.
p.s. Berenstain bears made the loathe list looong ago. What British authors would you recommend?

Leila said...

Whoo hoo! Hey, all the very very best!!! Thanks for staying in touch.

Hands down, Babette Cole is the best. She's got this simple yet quirky way of writing. Tarzana was our fav.
Taomi DePaola is fun too. Helga's Dowry. He's american so you can be proud. ;-)
Then there's Robert Munsch. I guarantee you there is not one Canadian kid who had not grown up reading Munsch.
For a pure classic, can't beat Kipling's Just So stories. Try and get a version with his own illustrations.

Take those suggestions in lieu of my fresh baked lavender and rosemary bread, which is what I'd bring if I lived in whatever anyhow town you live in.

Happy for you.