Sunday, November 2, 2008

playing dress up

Dear gob,

I was forced to shop today for costumes to get me through the next two months. If I'm lucky it will only be two months. I really don't enjoy shopping, and the fruits of my labor are not terribly impressive. I know I'll have to do it again soon. Ugh.

Something positive...
My blood type is B positive.

Goodness, I hope these get better.



Leila said...

yes, do the nanowrimo. otherwise, i don't know whatcha going on about...

HOWEVER. I do want to wish you and your 300 million neighbours GOOD LUCK today!


erin said...

your good luck wish worked--thanks!

as you can tell I've already lost steam...basically for the reason you mentioned. too much to say about things dominating my thoughts right now, but nothing I want to be specific about. not much fun for anyone. mostly job stuff. really not fun for anyone. maybe next year.

Leila said...

okay, no sweat.
I'll wait.