Wednesday, September 24, 2008

happy Independence Day!

This is long overdue, but here's ma, again. She trekked all the way back from her red state to this blue one to rejoin her peace coalition group (of which she is a founding member) for the 4th of July parade. She was disappointed that I didn't join in (Stud and I showed up to provide vocal support, street side), but she also very much accepted that it would be completely out of character for me to willfully place myself in the center of any attention...much less for the entire length of a parade.

I was a very proud, very hoarse daughter.


Cool Ranch Luke said...

I see you've removed the dates from your posts, so we can't tell when you've been lazy.

Go Erin's Mom! Woohoo!

...She truly has the power of the nut cup.

erin said...

you take me to be much more deceptive that I really am...or maybe I'm just deceptive about different types of things entirely.

the three latest were all written on the same day, so they all fall under one date listing.

I will be sure to pass on the praise :)